Monday, August 13, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T082: 11.26.43

T082: 11.26.43

+25 Recon @ 4T
Strat Bomb -4

Sector: Velikie Luki - OPERATION: CALLISTO
I’m beginning to think I’ve fallen prey to my own bad habits--taking too long to set up operations. Mark seems to have shipped in a few extra divisions to this sector, including at least one more Panzer division. I’ll have to move the artillery units back for a while, and step up diversionary attacks in other sectors. Hopefully that will throw him a bit off the scent. If not, I’m going to go ahead with this anyway. It’s a manageable goal to capture Pskov. And if there are opportunities elsewhere on the Russian Front during the execution of OPERATION: CALLISTO, then I can address them at the time.

Sector: Southern Italy
The first attacks by the US II Corps into Salerno slammed the Herman Goering Division, but failed to dislodge the crack German unit from the town. US artillery and naval support were able to knock the HG Division out from its fortified status, so at least there’s hope moving forward here. The British haven’t started attacks yet, as they’re waiting for the rail lines to increase supply from Messina.

Sector: NW Europe - Strategic Bombing Campaign
I’m concentrating on the Hamburg Oil unit, as it gives me +5 EEV if damaged.

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