Monday, August 13, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T083: 12.3.43

T083: 12.3.43

Sector: Russian Front - All Central Russia Sectors
Something is going on at three different points in the line. Last turn, I made a few probing attacks just to harass the Axis north of Vyazma, adjacent Yelets, and south of Voronezh. Each one of my attacks had popped a small hole in the Axis line, but I didn’t think anything of it. Now, Mark has launched a little counterattack north of Vyazma, while my gains have been growing near Yelets. If these little skirmishes continue to escalate, all my planning for OPERATION: CALLISTO will be for naught, as I’ve already had to commit three Tank armies to the Vyazma situation, where Mark is actually threatening my position there. At least I haven’t begun my offensive disbands yet. I was planning to do so in the next few turns.

Sector: Salerno
The US II and VI Corps continued the assaults this turn on Salerno and the terrain just east of the town. The 45th Division and 1st Armored made two attacks on the town itself, defended by the Herman Goering Panzer Division and 271. Infantry Division of the 19th Armee. Both attacks beat up the Germans, but couldn’t push them out of the town. One hex to the east, the 3rd and 36th Divisions attacked the 21. Panzer and 1. Skijager Divisions, with similar results as the assaults on Salerno. Following that, I ordered the 1st Armored and 45th Division to pivot east and join the 3rd and 36th to attack the Germans east of town. The Americans sustained moderate casualties, laid waste to the German units, but somehow were unable to capture the hex. The 9th Division is waiting in reserve, and will have to be committed to battle next turn to replace the most worn of the line divisions, most likely being the 36th. The 34th is on the right flank, and could be shifted west.

Sector: Strategic Bombing Campaign
Raids on Duisburg, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg this turn. But the big news came from the US 8th Air Force, as it completed its first run at Ploesti, damaging the oil refineries there.

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