Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T084: 12.10.43

T084: 12.10.43

10+ Shock @ 2T
10+ Air Shock @ 2T

Sector: Yelets
F@%&#$! Mark counterattacked like there was no tomorrow, slicing right through my little bulge with the 4th SS and 5th SS Panzer, swallowing up nearly half of the 68th Army. This sector has deteriorated quickly. Luckily I had moved the 8th Guards here a few turns ago, so they are ready to act as a stop-gap between the Germans and Yelets. This is officially now a flashpoint that I need to address in force, which is why I brought up the 2nd and 6th Guards so quickly. But that’s not all...

Sector: Vyazma
This breakthrough by Mark doesn’t have the pop that the Yelets breakthrough has, but it’s still concerning. I’m in a much better position to deal with this, as I’ve railed up three tank armies to counterattack and maybe even gain some ground I wouldn’t have before. I even managed to surround and destroy the 24. Panzer and another infantry division. There’s one more thing, though...

Sector: Velikie Luki - OPERATION: CALLISTO (Suspended)
I’ve suspended CALLISTO due to the situations at Vyazma and Yelets. It could come up later, but my primary focus now is controlling the situations at those two points in the front.

Sector: Southern Italy
The Americans have run into a logjam of German reinforcements, not limited to several Panzer divisions. The attacks will continue, but I’m afraid this is why they called it “Up the Bloody Boot.”

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