Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T091: 1.28.44

T091: 1.28.44

Sector: Vyazma - Smolensk
This turn featured a great advance of about three hexes in most parts of the front. Only one small pocket remains south of Vyazma, but it should fall easily this next turn. As expected, I’ve reached the German defensive line, though Mark hasn’t been able to dig in enough to get his units into fortified positions. The big problem here is the local reserves, now featuring mechanized SS Panzer Divisions. My immediate objective will be to get my armored armies in position and strike fast, before any more German units entrench further. Reaching Smolensk is my overall objective, but I’ll worry about getting through the strong German lines first.

Sector: Southern Italy
The 1st Armored Division was crushed in the German counterattack, but is scheduled to reconstitute in about two turns. The Americans’ position south of Naples has now ground to a halt. The US artillery has concentrated on the SS Mountain Division opposite the 82nd Airborne, and has significantly reduced its combat readiness and strength. I’m hoping to push that division aside and free up some space for the US reserves to organize.

On the British side of the Ofanto Line, the X Corps’s breakthrough has not been pushed back, as units from the XXX Corps followed up and pushed north. Reinforcements are desperately needed here to exploit these gains.

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