Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T090: 1.21.44

T090: 1.21.44

Sector: Vyazma
It’s a bit of a down period this turn, as I’ve taken the chance to move up some more reinforcements and shift some tired troops to the rear. Mark is pulling back his main line units, to what seems like a prepared position east of Smolensk. He’s leaving some lighter brigades to act as a rear guard, which I could probably move aside relatively easily once I renew the offensive toward Smolensk.

Sector: Voronezh
The action has shifted slightly south of Yelets, toward Voronezh. The 38A Op Group has taken advantage of a gap in the German line between the XIII. Korps and XXIX. Korps. Mark could push this back with some of his local reserves, so I’m not putting too much stock into this break in the enemy line.

Sector: Salerno
The US II Corps has broken through the Salerno section of the Ofanto Line. But the two remaining German units along the coast were not destroyed, leaving the 1st Armored Division in a precarious spot, exposed to being surrounded. I’m preparing the French First Army for deployment to Italy, and will take over the action in the mountains. That should free up one of the two US corps on the line. As more reinforcements are available for this region, it will help keep the offensive moving northward.

Sector: Ofanto River
The British X Corps renewed the attack on the Germans just inland from the coast, again breaching the Ofanto Line in the same spot. Two full armoured divisions are now across the river, but without adequate support, could be pushed back yet again.

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