Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T093: 2.11.44

T093: 2.11.44

This amphibious landing was drummed up in the last few hours before finishing this turn. With the Germans preparing a major offensive, this was my window of opportunity to change the game in southern Europe, and hopefully put added stress on the entire German war effort in the East. My plans were to land the two Canadian Corps at Anzio, the historical landing sector for SHINGLE (I have an extra sea transport since I never landed at Salerno), then following up with a massive reinforcement landing using the “Avalanche” sea transports disband option. The initial landings have gone well, opening up some breathing room so the first wave doesn’t immediately get thrown back into the Mediterranean. However, the situation remains dangerous, as I know there are plenty of German tanks within a few hours drive of the beaches. Holding for even one turn will allow my second wave to get ashore and entrench my presence behind the Ofanto Line to the south.

All Russian Sectors
The Germans are launching an offensive this turn, likely to be pretty large along all fronts. My reserves are close to the lines in my most vulnerable sectors (Vyasma & Yelets-Voronezh), while I’m fortified along most other fronts. The key here will be to hold on as tight as possible, let the storm pass, then strike back with my own large counteroffensive. The risk Mark runs of launching an offensive is that the Germans have been doing a fantastic job of holding back the Russians by digging in and letting me come at them. By rising up out of the trenches, he exposes them to open-field combat, which yes they’re great at and should really beat me up doing so, but also takes away their biggest advantage of being in prepared positions.

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