Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T094: 2.18.44

T094: 2.18.44

The Canadians at Anzio valiantly held their ground against vicious German Panzer counterattacks, allowing time for the second wave of landing units to arrive. With one more turn of sea transport (30k), I’ll be able to land at least two more Commonwealth corps at Anzio. The problem remains here, however, that there is no supply point available. I was unaware of this when I launched the assault, so getting linked up with the main Allied force in Italy is the only option to prevent the destruction of the entire Canadian First Army.

Sector: Salerno
The US II and VI Corps have renewed their push north, now with the important objective of linking up with the Canadians at Anzio. The 2nd Armored Division and 34th Division broke through along the coast, and should be able to receive reinforcements from the other US divisions. The First Free French Army has been deployed into the line, taking up positions on the American’s right flank. It’s with the help of the French that the US VI Corps was able to push the 13. SS Mountain Division from its prepared positions in the hills. However the assault was unable to occupy the hex vacated by the Germans. Mark will have a choice to make between holding tight along the Ofanto Line, or concentrating on destroying the Canadians. He could very well end up doing both, but it’s more risky. I have to get more help to the Canadians as soon as possible.

Sector: Karelia
Back to this region, the Germans have launched the first part of their offensive here, with at least a dozen German divisions from the 20. Geb Armee, XXXVI and XXVI Korps sweeping down from the north. The 31st Army has been able to hold and slow the advance, giving me time to organize a defense.

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