Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T095: 2.25.44

T095: 2.25.44

*Turn Replay: Mark wants me to replay the turn, since there was no supply point at Anzio. In his updated version coming soon, there will be one, so he wants to allow me to keep the Canadians there while he pulls back and allows the Americans to link up with the beachhead.*

I’m going to leave my original AAR for this turn. We’ll pick up on it next turn.

This one may have to be abandoned, as the lack of a supply point in the Anzio beachhead absolutely killed my hopes for a game-changer in Italy. I’ve begun preparations and initial evacuation of the Canadians from the Anzio beachhead. AVALANCHE is a failure, but only due to planning, not performance on the field. In that respect, the Canadians fought probably the best single battle of the war in Europe thus far, holding off and countering every blow the Germans threw at them, all in spite of little or no supply.

Sector: Salerno
The German counterattack used the final turn of 110% shock to push back the good gains the Americans made along the coast toward Naples. This was my only hope of sustaining the Anzio beachhead, by linking up the main US force with the Canadians. But it was too far with too many Germans between. I’m beginning to ship the US VIII Corps down from England, though without its strongest unit, the 5th Armored Division, which will be available for Italy next turn.

Sector: Karelia
My situation here quickly deteriorated once the Germans got their momentum rolling with the 110% shock. Now that the shock is over, I’m hoping their momentum follows suit. The best I can hope for at this stage is to allow the Germans to keep throwing themselves at my defenses, without giving them too much in return.

Sector: Yelets
This is where I originally expected one of the major points of the offensive, but it turns out it may have only been a one-and-done visit from the Axis in front of Yelets.

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