Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T097: 3.11.44

T097: 3.11.44

Invasion of Finland - Capture of Viipuri
So here we go. After gaining extra intelligence on Finland, it looks like I can make a play to knock the Fins out of the war. I currently have one Guards Army staged in Karelia as a reserve, but the rest are concentrated at Vyazma-Smolensk and Yelets-Voronezh. I can get them all in one place along a rail line, such as near Vyazma, then ship them north in one wave. Getting artillery up there quickly and in place will be key to getting off on the right foot, as well as knocking out the bridges into Finland at Leningrad. More importantly, a lesson I learned the last time I played this scenario, will be engineer and rail repair crews. Supply is a huge problem in Finland, so getting the rail network caught up with the offensive is the only way to sustain the advance. The circles represent objectives, while the circle at Leningrad represent the knocked out rail lines/bridges.

Sector: Vyazma - Smolensk
Some of my guards divisions have crossed the river, but will likely get pushed back this next turn. Right now, only about four Guards armies are committed to this part of the battle--the 4th, 5th, 6th Guards Tank armies, and 66/5th Guards Army. There are reserves ready to exploit this kind of breakthrough, but since it came on the last round of battles for this turn, I was unable to get any support to those units across the river.

Sector: Yelets
Through the entire course of the scenario, this sector has been a meat grinder for both sides. It continues to be so even now, as I’m constantly pushing back German and Hungarian units, only to get punched in return. Mark has at least three mechanized SS Divisions in this sector, which he’s used to counter any serious threat I may post to the integrity of his lines here. But I’m thinking something bigger will happen soon. Maybe an offensive of his own here, since my Guards armies are getting tired.

Sector: Southern Italy
The Commonwealth troops from Australia and New Zealand continue to perform excellently, mounting attack after attack on the German positions across the Ofanto River. Mark has been able to counter all breakthroughs in this area, but his troop reserves are getting thin, especially now that the Salerno group has linked up with the Anzio group along the western coast. 

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