Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T098: 3.18.44

T098: 3.18.44

Sector: Karelia
Mark is still pushing southward, but I’m moving some reserve units to the front lines. I can’t imagine he’ll have enough strength to push through a fully-rested army.

Sector: Yelets
Quick action to stabilize the line has worked, with some small counterattacks to keep the Germans tired and off balance. The bulk of the 69th Army has moved to the rear for some rest, as it will surely be needed in the coming turns. All of my counterattacks were limited attacks, so I did not pick up anything this turn. However, the German SS divisions took some heavy casualties, including much of the 16th SS Panzergrenadiers and 9th SS Panzer. Those two divisions were really killing me. Hopefully they’re out of action for a turn.

Sector: Southern Italy
The British XIII Corps has pushed back the Germans to give the Canadians at Anzio some breathing room. It should only be another turn or two before the Canadians regain enough strength to rejoin the battle for Italy. Had there been a supply point at Anzio (reminder: there will be one in the updated version), I’d probably be in Rome by now. But at this point, the Americans are moving steadily northward, keeping their front toward the Germans in the mountains. The VII Corps arrived at Salerno, and moved into position between the town and Naples. Free French divisions are holding and harassing the enemy west of Salerno. To the east, the Commonwealth units are still struggling to get across, more importantly STAY across, the Ofanto River.

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