Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T102: 4.15.44

T102: 4.15.44

Sector: Karelia - OPERATION: TITAN
With the advance of the 3rd Guards Tank, the offensive is actually on schedule to reach Petrozavodsk within a few more turns. I haven’t even needed to commit the 4th Guards at this point. They remain in reserve, waiting for the signal. Most likely, I’ll wait until the road and rail line are repaired enough and with a one-hex cushion on either side, so the 4th can advance with full supply lines flowing. The bridge at Leningrad was successfully taken out this turn, but its effect depends on whether Mark has a rail repair unit stationed nearby.

To the south, I’m beginning the initial advances across the Svir River with the 42nd and 7th armies. Once the Fin divisions along that thin line can be depleted, I have enough firepower in that sector to push them north up the isthmus. Hopefully then that advance can link up with the main attack in TITAN.

Sector: Stalingrad - OPERATION: URANUS
A turn late, the offensive here has begun with the 2nd Guards Tank, 5th Army, and SW FR Op Grp A (mechanized) advancing across three points in the river. Artillery had hammered a few of the key German divisions, reducing one to almost half strength, while softening up the Romanian divisions and their German support units. The 9th Gds Mech Corps made it fully across the river on this first turn. However, I’m expecting a strong counterattack by the German panzer division (unidentified) waiting just two hexes away. Speed is critical here, as I can’t allow Mark to ship in fresh reinforcements before this thing barely gets off the ground.

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