Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T101: 4.8.44

T101: 4.8.44

Sector: Karelia - OPERATION: TITAN
Storming through the gap is the 3rd Guards Tank, with the 4th Guards in reserve waiting to enter the battle. I’ve tried to keep the bridges blown leading to Finland from Russia. There are two key crossings at Leningrad, but every time I bomb them, Mark gets them back up with repair crews. I also have engineers ready to repair the rail line southward, following the track of the advance. Keeping steady strong supply flowing into the offensive is one of my primary objectives as this operation progresses.

Sector: Naples
Now the Canadians have pushed beyond the Anzio beachhead, as the US forces advance northward in preparation for the push on Rome. Fighting along the mountain range has been steady, as the American II, VI, and VII Corps have gained some ground on the Germans. But the progress is slow and bloody. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth forces to the east have reached another breakthrough, as the 10th Armour and 6th SA Armour have again crossed the river, destroying the German division on the other side. Not making any significant progress on this side of Italy has really caused the entire advance northward to stall.

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