Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T104: 4.29.44

T104: 4.29.44

Sector: Karelia
I’ve shipped up an extra Op Group to secure the northern front against the German offensive there. They’re getting dangerously close to cutting the rail line to the east, which would eliminate supply for my entire force for OPERATION: TITAN. Some progress along the Svir River.

Sector: Vyazma
Continued grinding up of the Germans here, evaporating one division and severely crippling several others. This will continue throughout the remaining war in the East, as Mark has to defend Smolensk. If I capture that city, I get a windfall disband of replacements.

Sector: Stalingrad - OPERATION: URANUS
The river crossing has made more progress this turn than last turn, mainly in the bend in the river northwest of Stalingrad. I can tell Mark is running low on reserves, because he’s being forced to use the lone Panzer division and a mish-mosh of rear guard/security units, and Romanian forces to plug the holes.

Sector: Astrakhan
I’m starting to probe the line here. It will be yet another sector where Mark will have to keep an eye on.

Sector: Naples - Rome
The Canadians and British 44th and 56th Divisions are now within two hexes of Rome’s city limits. To the east along the Apennines, US divisions are one hex adjacent to the main supply artery for the Axis forces in southern Italy. Cutting this line by capturing the road and rail line will be my immediate objective for the next few turns. Meanwhile, along the Ofanto River, the British and Commonwealth forces are again across the river. Now that the Germans are running low on replacements and reserves, I’m hoping this will be a permanent gain by the UK troops.

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