Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T105: 5.6.44

T105: 5.6.44

Sector: Karelia - OPERATION: TITAN
The German offensive has become more serious, as Mark staged a risky river crossing northeast of my main forces. I’ve been able to rush some troops to counter that advance, but it’s been mostly the rough terrain that’s slowed the Germans here. I’m optimistic that I have enough reserves to score a win against the German river crossing, but it could get pretty dicey for a little while longer. The main thrust of the offensive is almost at the first objective to the south. But I’m concentrating on my own river crossings along the Svir River, which should hopefully alleviate some of the pressure up here.

Sector: Svir River
The Guards have followed upon the developing bridgehead across the river, though there is the one Fin division still fortified on the right flank. At the eastern crossing, it hasn’t been as easy to get across, but the Fin division there is quite beat up. One more round of attacks should do it there. With the German offensive becoming serious in the north, I’ll have to move more quickly here to connect with my own force attacking south in TITAN.

Sector: Vyazma
Attacks continue here with good results. All along the Eastern Front, it just feels like something is going to break open. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened here, as Mark’s troops are the most worn down in this sector. Even the SS divisions are depleted to almost ¼ strength. I’m leaving the 66/5th Guards in reserve north of Vyazma, just in case I can break open the enemy line in in this sector.

Sector: Stalingrad - OPERATION: URANUS
It looks like the bridgeheads here are sticking. This has been the one sector where Mark’s inability to muster up any more reserves is brutally evident in action. He’s been forced to move rear guard/security units up to the front line, while using Panzer divisions as simply counter-strike forces as needed. The real goal of this operation is to reach Rostov. Yes, that’s a distant objective. However, if I can do that, it will effectively trap hundreds of thousands of German and Romanian troops in the Caucasus.

Sector: Ofanto River
The Australians and New Zealanders have broken the line along the coastal road, while the 1st and 10th Armoured have pushed back the Germans just inland. Not much else to report here, at least not until more progress has been made.

Sector: Naples - Rome
Most of the progress here has come on in the Canadian and British sector south of Rome. Now that the German reserves situation has grown more serious, I’m confident I can reach Rome by the end of May (3-4 turns). The last key to breaking the German defenses in southern Italy will be cutting the road/supply line from Rome to Campobasso. Without that critical rail line, Axis supply will be depleted very quickly. Mark will then have to evacuate the divisions south of Campobasso, exposing them to my stronger divisions.

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