Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T108: 5.27.44

T108: 5.27.44

Sector: Karelia
I’ve managed to push back the Germans enough to give the Karelian supply corridor a two-hex wide path. Of course, I’m not expecting that to be the last of this situation, by far, as Mark is still shipping in fresh divisions from Germany. They are reconstituted divisions, which were destroyed earlier in the game, meaning their proficiency is lower than the veteran units they once were. I’ll have to move at least one more army up this way to help stem the tide of the German advance. However, at least in the south, I’ve reached the first objective for OPERATION: TITAN, capturing the city of Petrozavodsk and its rail junction. If the southern attack from the Svir River can start moving more quickly, I can establish another supply line to the northern sector of Karelia.

Sector: Vyazma
This sector has been getting a bit better as time goes on, though progress has been miniscule. I’m finally across the river, with three hexes now out of German hands. But I’m wondering how much of a counterattack I could really handle if Mark decides to make a serious effort at one.

Sector: Stalingrad - OPERATION: URANUS
Now that I have more breathing room across the river, I can begin deploying the 5th Guards Army, which has been stationed behind the action for the entire operation. That should give my offensive a really nice boost here, particularly since Mark shouldn’t have too many reserves to pump into the area. If this next stage of the offensive is as successful as I hope, I can begin moving any extra armies I have from other sectors to this one. I must reach Rostov in the next few months, or I’ll never recapture what was lost when Germany first invaded Russia.

Sector: Southern Italy
The Americans have finally cut the road to Campobasso, meaning Mark has to haul ass to get his divisions out of the south intact. I’m trying my best to keep the bridges destroyed along his escape routes. Momentum is building in this region, and should culminate in the Canadians capturing Rome in a few turns.

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