Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T109: 6.3.44

T109: 6.3.44

Strategic Update
Mark has disbanded several theatre option units, including a 110% shock, supply boost, recon, and air transport. The shock looks to be only a short duration. I’m guessing it’ll last about two turns. I can likely hunker down and take whatever punches Mark throws at me. This isn’t 1943 anymore. The Russians are much stronger now, better able to absorb this kind of offensive.

After numerous internal debates, I’ve decided to launch the invasion of northern Europe on a historical path, through the Normandy province. There are several reasons for this. First, the invasion points will be close to a major port hex (Cherbourg - 80% supply). Second, it will land the invasion forces within decent striking distance of Paris.

Other candidates for landing sites included Brittany and Dieppe. Brittany was ruled out because of the distance it would take to reach Paris. There was no way I’d get to Germany by the end of the scenario, even with the increased pressure on the Eastern Front and Italy. The Dieppe landing site was scrapped because of the lack of adequate supply. The supply point there is only 50%, with no larger supply point within immediate reach. A landing of this size can’t survive on just 50% supply.

Subsequent amphibious operations will be planned based on the success or failure of OVERLORD. It’s likely I’ll stage landings similar to the historical OPERATION: DRAGOON.

Sector: Karelia North - Svir River
The northern half of this region is where Mark’s offensive poses the big threat. However, I’m noticing that he could have a trick up his sleeve. One of the disbands was an air transport unit. He’s also moved at least one Brandenberg special forces unit into the region. There would be no benefit to using them as a paradrop simply behind my lines, as they would be crushed quickly. I’m thinking he is going to drop them along the rail line--the only rail supply line into Karelia--to drop my supply levels for at least a turn or two. It’s a good plan, if that’s what he’s thinking. As a precaution, I’m garrisoning the rail line with troops to protect against the possible airborne drop. I’ll also need engineer units ready to repair any rail breaks.

To the south, it’s another case where I must wear down the Axis forces before hoping to get anywhere. The northern advance has at least cut the rail supply to the Fin divisions facing my Svir River forces, so hopefully that will help move the advances to link up soon.

Sector: Vyazma
I’m concerned that this is one sector that I could really get hurt by Mark’s shock bonus the next two turns. My forces here are already worn down to a reorganization status. A good push by any reserve SS units could push me back to at least across the river, essentially negating all progress I’ve been able to make so far here.

Sector: Stalingrad
With the deployment of the 5th Guards Army to the northern wing of the advance, the offensive here should gain more steam in the coming turns. In the southern wing, the 2nd Guards Tank is still struggling to break open the German and Romanian defenses, though slowly pushing them around hasn’t been much of a problem. Once the German shock is over, I’m expecting this to be a sector that will see a big push from my side.

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