Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T116: 7.22.44

T116: 7.22.44

Strategic Update
Action has quieted down significantly now that the shock has worn off. The Eastern Front saw some heavy fighting, but now settled back down into the grinding battle it was before the grand offensive. Much of the movement this turn occurred in the West, as you’ll see in the slides below. I’m going to save my supply disband for later, as I’m sure I’ll get to a point where it will do me good to boost my forces’ resources.

Sea transport has been boosted to 84k for this turn and the next one. I’ve used it to shuttle nearly the entire remaining invasion forces in England. There are a few more units I have to ship to Normandy, but most of them are here.

US Zones: The V Corps has gone into reorganization after three turns of very heavy fighting, almost entirely on its own. It’s been reinforced by Middleton’s VIII Corps on the western flank. I’ve temporarily attached the 3rd Armored to the V Corps, giving it a little boost in front of St. Lo. To the north, the 101st Airborne has been relieved by the XV Corps, which has advanced to the outskirts of Cherbourg. Capturing that port hex will boost my supply to 80 percent. It will be a huge help as I gear up for the big breakout in a few turns.
UK Zones: As the I and XII Corps shore up the eastern edge of the Allied invasion zone, the VIII Corps continues to make limited attacks southward. After the quick sprint to capture Caen, the Brits have really bogged down in front of stiffening enemy defenses.

Adriatic Coast
This is a risky operation, as there is no supply point at Pescara. The invasion force has been designated the First British Provisional Army, which includes the II Corps and X Corps. Two of the X Corps’ armoured divisions are ashore, as are two divisions from the II Corps. A few additional infantry brigades have also landed. One division, the 10th Armour, remains behind and will land next turn. It will now be up to the XXX Corps in the south to get moving and link up with the beachhead. If necessary, I’ll transfer some units from the western coast to assist in the northward offensive.

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