Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T115: 7.15.44

T115: 7.15.44

Strategic Update
This was by far the best turn of the scenario. The +15 shock worked perfectly in tandem with the 105 air shock. It’s really too bad I don’t have another shock disband remaining, even a small one. If that were the case, I could have the Axis running for the hills in a few more turns. But for now, I’ll gladly take this...

Naval Update: I’ve sent all naval support squadrons back to England to rest and refit. They were very tired and will be needed later, specifically when I attack Cherbourg.

US Zone: The entire US V Corps, including the recon and support units, is now on the Cotentin Peninsula. However, it’s divisions are extremely tired, and in need of some relief. Next turn I’m actually going to have the full Overlord sea transport, which is something like 150k. That will allow almost the entire remaining US forces in England to land in Normandy to give this offensive a real spark heading toward Cherbourg and then southward. The 3rd Armored Division is also ashore, clearing a path around the western flank of the US landing zone.
UK Zone: The British are way ahead of schedule here, holding Caen against some pretty tough counterblows by the Germans. The rest of the initial assault corps are now ashore. Following up was the UK I Corps, which helped make a strong push to clear the eastern flank of the British landing zone. The Normandy situation is still very fragile, but I’m quietly confident in how it’s going so far.

The shock bonus really kicked in here this turn as it did in other sectors. The arrival of the guards mechanized units allowed me to rotate the tired regular infantry armies to the rear areas to rest. This is the real key to my situation now on the Eastern Front. Mark doesn’t have the luxury of rotating entire formations out of the front line. He can maybe take one or two units, but even then he lacks sufficient manpower to plug all the gaps. Here in the south, I’ve been able to capture about half a dozen hexes in one turn. I’m also planning on shipping at least another guards tank army down from the north.

We return to this old sector once again. This time, I’m launching an offensive across the river south of the city. As of this turn, I have one Guards army, one Shock army, and another regular army moving westward. The river crossing was a bit of a hassle, but with the Hungarians defending nearly the entire front here, I was able to secure a bridgehead by the end of the turn. Just another sector for Mark to worry about. But if I play my cards right, this could be a big, big problem for the entire Axis situation.

The 1st Polish Army has arrived to help seal the front line gaps that were left when I moved much of the guards down to Stalingrad. Mark launched a nice counterattack here, pushing my forces back to their original starting positions along the river. But I was able to push right back against his weakened divisions.

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