Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T114: 7.8.44

T114: 7.8.44

INVASION! The world holds its breath as the first wave storms the beaches of northern France. All divisions miraculously made it ashore in one piece, with the follow up waves also successfully off the landing craft.

US Beaches - Utah & Omaha: The V Corps has all four line divisions on the beaches. This is a bit of a change from the original plan, which called for armored divisions to land with the first two waves. This way, I was able to get more divisions ashore right away. The 101st Airborne dropped west of Utah Beach, taking only minimal casualties, and no scatter. However, I had to land all four divisions onto Omaha Beach, as the Utah defenses were surprisingly stronger. Even at the end of this turn, three attacks on the 319. Static Div were unsuccessful. I need to link the V Corps with the 101st, or the Screaming Eagles will be destroyed.

UK Beaches - Gold, Juno & Sword: The VIII Corps landed its three big divisions onto the eastern beach, with the 15th Scottish leading the way, connecting with the 6th Airborne. Great news came in by the end of the turn, as the Guards Armour captured Caen, weeks ahead of the historical date. On the western half of the beaches, the 51st Highland was the first ashore. I followed up with the 50th Northumbrian. The 11th Armour from the VIII Corps has moved west to secure that flank, making contact, but not engaging, the 65. Division of the LXXXII Korps.

With the arrival of the 1st Polish Army, I can make a stronger push on the German lines here. I’ve been hesitant to do so, as I’ve been forced to re-assign most of the bigger formations here to other sectors. There is a gap in the line north of the Guards, but with the shock bonus on my side, Mark shouldn’t be able to really do much damage. Once the Pols disembark from the trains, I’ll have a nice wave of fresh troops.

The 5th Guards Tank has arrived and punched its way through the northern wing of the German defenses, along the Volga River. I also have the 4th Guards Tank and 64/7th Guards Army on the city-side of the Volga, waiting to enter the battle. The shock bonus has really helped on the Eastern Front. And I have a whole turn remaining before the shock expires.

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