Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T113: 7.1.44

T113: 7.1.44

+15 Shock @ 2 Turns
Strategic Bomb -6 Axis Supply
105 Air Shock
+30 Recon @ 4 Turns
+3000 Air Trans @ 2 Turns
SHINGLE Sea Trans 36k @ 2 Turns

The theater options have been disbanded. I’ve gone all-in and disbanded additional strategic bombing, supply and air shock bonuses. The RAF Bomber Command and US 8th Air Force have also been concentrating on destroying the rail and bridge network leading to western France, while also taking a few shots at the beach defensive positions. It’s a “go” for next turn.

Karelia - Svir River
The southern advance is still moving along, as I bring in an additional Guards army from the north. I need to keep the pressure on Mark in this sector, to avoid him from redeploying all of this units down to the flashpoints in the south.

I’ve only been able to get one mechanized Guards army down from Smolensk, but more will be able to arrive next turn. The addition of such a large number of tanks to this offensive should give it the kick start it needs.

The end-run landing won’t happen until after the initial OVERLORD landings. I’ve used the “Shingle” disband for sea transport now, and will follow up with the “Overlord” disband immediately after. That will allow enough sea transport to get SHINGLE underway, while also landing the additional forces into the Normandy beachheads.

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