Saturday, August 25, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T008

T008: 6.26.42

Strategic Outlook
Things could get very hairy for a few turns, as Mark has activated one of his offensive disbands for 110% ground shock. The German breakthroughs are on almost every front, but only the Baltic areas are in serious danger. Reinforcements are slated to arrive the turn after next, but I’m concerned it will be too late to contain any critical breaches in my line.

Kalinin Front - Rzhev

The Germans are storming into this area from three directions, sending no fewer than five of my armies running to the northeast. I’m trying to form a line from around Staraya Russia all the way down to the northern tip of what was the Rzhev salient. Much of this is made from the remnants of the 11th, 27th, 53rd Armies, 3rd and 4th Shock, and 30/10th Guards. Many of the smaller units of these formations have remained back along the front line as a screen, intended to keep the Germans fighting their way to my main line. One or two extra turns holding the offensive back could mean the difference between holding this new line, and an open road to Moscow.

Other Russian Fronts
Surprisingly, Mark was unable to make any significant breakthroughs in my line from Rzhev to the Caucasus. Some Russian divisions were pushed back a hex here or there, but nothing that couldn’t be contained by local counterattacks by supporting units. With the Axis ground shock bonus coming next turn, this should change.

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