Saturday, August 25, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T009

T009: 7.3.42

Strategic Outlook
Considering the severely undermanned front-line divisions on the Russian Front, my forces held off the initial blows of Mark’s major offensive pretty darn well. I was tipped off a bit to this in Mark’s email to me, when he described the situation as “some fronts at a standstill.” At every turn, I’ve somehow been able to at least keep my divisions in front of the German breakthroughs. That’s half the battle on the Russian Front right now, forcing Mark’s units to fight for every hex, even if it’s a small fight. The problem this turn happens to be in the two “other” areas, in the Crimea and Tobruk. Next turn, I should get a massive influx of reinforcements for about three turns.

Kalinin Front

As my screening units are swept away, the defensive line in the north continues to come together. A German SS divisions managed to break into the rear area, but for the moment I was able to close it off from its own supply. I’m sure Mark will get a relief force to the stranded division next turn.


Now that the Germans have broken through the outer defenses, this position is basically a coffin for any troops tasked with holding the Crimean pocket. I’ve evacuated about half of the Primorskaya forces to the Caucasus coast. Next turn I’ll try to get out whatever remains after the next wave of German assaults.


I’ve made a serious blunder here, but not what you’d expect. The outer defenses of Tobruk have collapsed. Normally, it would be an easy next move--evacuation to Egypt. However, I’ve failed to anticipate Mark’s next move, which will be to send the Italian navy to the scene and blockade the Tobruk port. Even though I have the Royal Navy stationed in force at Alexandria and Port Said, it will take a pretty decent fight if I have to knock out the blockading Italians. In that time, Mark could either criplpe or outright destroy the Tobruk defenders.

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