Thursday, August 30, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T017

T017: 8.28.42

Strategic Outlook
The Axis ground shock has expired, giving me a bit of a hand in defense. Mark’s progress has been effective, but very slow, I’m sure frustrating him after using up two shock options in the first 16 turns of this game. Overall, the fronts are stable in the East, while I’m enjoying a bit of unexpected success in North Africa. Finally repairing many of the blown rail bridges this turn has immensely helped my supply situation along the southern East Front. More updates in each sector breakdown.

A German division made a river crossing south of the main bridgehead, but as of right now, this sector hasn’t changed much from the original offensive launched by Mark a few turns ago. This remains a “wait and see” situation.

 I expected to lose Yelets this turn. Somehow my forces held the critical rail junction. Recon hasn’t seen much in the way of reinforcements coming to renew the Axis advance, but I can never be too careful here. My line is hanging on by a thread, with much of it made up of the Orel Front mechanized divisions and Moscow Defense forces. They’ve done a great job so far of holding back against superior German divisions, but one can only ask so much of these front line Russian troops.

Don Front - North
 The line is slowly receding east toward Stalingrad, but I’m determined to make this the toughest fight for Mark’s German forces. Deploying the 1st Guards Army from the Don River at Serafamovich south to link up with the 9th and 39th Armies has at least for now given me some breathing room to form a line on the northern bank of the river. The problem is that I may not have enough units to cover the territory.

Central Caucasus
Now that I have two Guards Armies and part of the 49th Army deployed here, Mark launched his attack with some success at the southern wing of my line. I’m hoping to hold out for a few more turns, just to wear down Army Group South enough where they won’t be able to push all the way to Grozny. Ideally, I can hold this line at this point for two more turns. Even if I have to withdraw, I’m not going all the way back to Astrakhan or Grozny. The new line will be just to the northeast along the canal. This region’s center, just east of Rostov, is still being held strongly by the Russian armies, giving me no reason to give up such a great position there to threaten Mark’s access to the Caucasus via Rostov.

Northeast Africa
 Yet again, I’ve committed another huge mistake. Thinking I had another round of battle remaining, I did not order concurrent attacks on the surrounded German pocket. The northern half of the pocket did collapse, with the 164. Leichte Division evaporating under pressure. However, the real prize was the side of the pocket I did not attack. That included not only the full 21. Panzer Division, but Rommel’s headquarters itself! This has still be an excellent offensive by the British Eighth Army. Hopefully I can keep it going and maybe recapture Tobruk in a few turns. But let’s not get too far ahead here.

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