Thursday, August 30, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T016

T016: 8.21.42

Strategic Outlook
To counter Mark’s theater options this turn, I’ve activated a +5 Ground Shock, Supply bonus, and Strategic Bombing Campaign that will reduce the Axis supply by 4 points for 4 turns. It looks like I’m going to have a tough time with several sectors on the Eastern Front, with Mark’s offensive striking in every area from Leningrad to the Caucasus. Even in North Africa, I’m contending with a surge of Axis troops coming my way. More updates in each sector breakdown.


The counter strikes here have been able to contain the German divisions trying to flood the east side of the river. I’m taking moderate casualties here, but Mark’s troops aren’t making much headway. The two main Russian armies here are the 54th and 59th, both conducting themselves very well against superior German firepower. Three Panzer divisions and about three more regular divisions are across the river, but crammed into just four hexes.

Yelets - Voronezh

I’m expecting Mark to make one of his two most serious pushes in this area of the front, focusing on capturing Yelets, possibly Voronezh. His attack forces aren’t particularly powerful. But compared to my exhausted front line divisions, the Germans are easily able to push the line back. I’m confident I can hold onto Voronezh until his ground shock bonus expires after next turn. I have about four armies digging in at a strong position in the region. However, the Yelets rail junction will likely fall in the next turn. The sector is manned by Orel Front divisions that were supposed to be resting and refitting a few hexes behind the line. They’ve been called into action to plug the open gaps in front of Yelets.

Don Front

The big problem here is that I’m simply running out of troops to cover the sectors. Mark is attacking right through my front line, as I try to frantically keep my divisions in front of his advance, rather than be cut off and destroyed. Every hex Mark has to fight for here is another turn he doesn’t reach the banks of the Don. I have five turns before another big wave of reinforcements arrive. I’ll need to hold him at bay for at least six turns, so those reinforcements can establish the Don River Line and defend Stalingrad.

Northeast Africa

The 10. Panzer and 15. Panzer have both come out to strike at my advanced group of divisions from the XXX Corps. However, in my follow-up attacks, I’ve been able to surround both German divisions. I’ve made a huge blunder here, as I failed to remember to schedule attacks, letting the two most important German units in Africa off the hook. This could really come back to bite me.

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