Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T015

T015: 8.14.42

Strategic Outlook
Sooner than expected, Mark has activated +5 Ground Shock, Air Trans, Recon, and Supply boosts. Another wave of offensives is coming this turn, but there’s a hitch--I have no idea where he’s planning on launching the assaults. I haven’t seen any sectors where Mark has moved extra divisions right up to the front lines. I’ve spotted a corps-sized force assembling in the north Voroshilovgrad sector, though about three hexes behind the line. So now, having done all I can to prep for an attack in an unknown location, it becomes a waiting game.

Don Front - North

The Axis attacks have been slow, but I expect them to kick up a notch as the shock bonus takes effect next turn. I'm trying to rush reinforcements to the sector in preparation for what should be a strong push by Mark, possibly with the intention of reaching Stalingrad. 

Central Caucasus

Despite the fact that my defensive line is woefully thin from the mountains to the river, my focus will briefly shift to the airborne drop along the Black Sea Coast. This has been a tactic Mark used previously to break my defensive positions along the coast. I'm not terribly worried just yet, but if I can't get some decent troops to this sector quickly, Mark might not have to attack Grozny head-on after all. 

Egypt-Libya Border

Let's see what I can dig up here. With the four armoured brigades scouting out front, I'm advancing the entire Eighth Army toward Tobruk. The Afrika Korps and Italian forces must be rather worn from the Battle of Tobruk. With any luck, I'll draw them out into battle once again in the open desert. I have superiority in combat strength and supply.

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