Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T023

T023: 10.9.42

Strategic Outlook
Mud season continues, likely for just this turn. The gap in the line west of Stalingrad has allowed Mark to continue his operation despite the mud season. Nearly all of my formations are in reorganization, negating any benefit I’m getting from the mud. The 66/5th Guards Army arrived, along with a bunch of reconstituted divisions. More updates below.

Don Front
Axis divisions are flowing through the huge break in my line, getting in behind the 1st Guards and 1st Guards Tank Armies. This could be disastrous if I can’t get reinforcements deployed in time. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that, as the 65th Army had to cover the river crossing in the north, while only the 47th and 51st Armies were able to get within range of the German spearhead. More reinforcements are slated to arrive, but not quickly enough or strong enough to halt Mark’s advance here. Looks like I’ll have to form a new line just west of Stalingrad.

Mark is evacuating as much as he can from Northeast Africa, as the final few units are in Tobruk and ready to sail back to either Tunisia or Italy. I won’t be able to claim complete destruction of the Axis forces in Northeast Africa, but a solid victory was gained much earlier than usual in this scenario.

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