Saturday, December 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T029

T029: 11.20.42

Strategic Outlook
It’s time to open another front. The invasion plans for Operation Torch are outlined below. I don’t plan on using any shock theater options for this one, as it’s not likely that the invasion forces will have to fight their way onto the beaches. The overall situation is improving slightly, but the fact that reinforcements tend to arrive a turn or two after I could actually use them has made things much more difficult. I’d like to shift things on the Russian Front from a defensive stance to an offensive one within the next 15-20 turns.


Pulling all available reserves from nearby sectors, I’ve managed to at least contain the German breakthrough. I don’t have enough to mount a decent counterattack just yet, but as Mark’s forces lose steam here, I’ll have an opportunity to strike.

Don Front - North

Mark has gained a solid bridgehead across the Don here, but supply will quickly become an issue for his assault force. The road across the river was not capable of offering full supply, and its bridge was blown to compound that supply issue. I should be able to muster up some more reinforcements this upcoming turn. Hopefully in the meantime, I can keep the Germans in check.


Just a quick regional update here. It would definitely be easier to just retreat back to a defensive line from the mountains thru Grozny to the Caspian Sea and up to Astrakahn. But I’m committing to not allowing Mark any free gains. This is not a sustainable position at this time. The next big wave of reinforcements won’t arrive until at least turn 31. And even then, it will take a few turns to get them ready and deployed.

Plans for Operation Torch

Mark has planted his defenses inland, away from the beaches and Casablanca. The US will take the northern landing beach, while the British and Pols attack into Casablanca. I do know that the German-French forces that were swapped in for the Vichy Forces earlier in the game are fortified along the line marked on the map. Behind them are additional German and Italian units in defensive positions. I doubt an additional landing at Oran will be possible. The risk of not getting onto the beaches would be too great.

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