Saturday, December 29, 2012

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T028

T028: 11.13.42

Strategic Outlook
The Caucasus area is in the most danger right now, but Mark has decided to launch excursions in the Yelets and North Don Fronts. I should have expected the Yelets attack, as I shifted all my armor to the South Don Front. The artillery reinforcements arrived this turn, but won’t be combat-ready until next turn. They should really help make a difference where I need it most.

A German Panzer division, supported by some Hungarians, broke through and scooted a few hexes before I cut them off. This doesn’t have the feel of a major offensive, so I’ll deal with it using local reserves.

North Don Front
Same as the Yelets breakthrough, but with a little more oomph behind it. I’ll need to get some reinforcements here soon, as the line is very weak. I was relying too much on the river to keep the Germans at bay. Now that they’re making headway, I’ll have to address this with some significant attention.

South Don Front - Stalingrad
This sector has remained stable for two turns now, which is more than I can say for other sectors. The arrival of the Orel Front mechanized divisions turned the tide here. I’m not out of the woods just yet. As more reinforcements arrive, I can solidify my defenses and hopefully turn Mark’s attention elsewhere.

Central Caucasus

The first line has evaporated, but the Germans are still not near Grozny. A few loose cannons have gotten into my interior lines, but nothing significant. The 5th Guards Tank has arrived to give Mark something to think about on his left flank. This isn’t enough for me to defend the entire region, but it’s a start. The 6th Army and an Op Group has arrived west of Grozny. Hopefully the Germans don’t get to them before they can disembark.

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