Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T043

T043. 02.26.43

Strategic Update

I face a difficult decision: Strike now, with adequate force, but risk a sputtering offensive; or, wait a bit longer, strike with much stronger forces, but risk Mark's defenses getting more time to prepare. I'm most optimistic in three sectors--North Africa, Yelets and the Central Caucasus. Launching forceful offensives in at least two of these sectors would greatly strain Mark's resources. In turn, that would hopefully open up other areas of the map I can exploit. As I approach Turn 50, a large wave of reinforcements are due my way, particularly in terms of Russian airborne units. But the time to strike may come before I get those units.

Provided I can open up this crack to at least another hex or two wide, this is starting to look like a decent breakthrough. I'm tempted to use the 68th Army's airborne divisions to supplement this attack, but my air transport capabilities are not high enough at the moment to lift the necessary men and equipment. It'll be tough to squeeze so many units through such a tiny corridor, which is why I need to quickly expand the salient.

Central Caucasus
For some time now, I've envisioned my divisions here sweeping around the western flank of the German lines, hugging the mountains and storming down onto the plains below. But it's taken a while for me to get enough strength back to mount such an attack. The breakthrough in the middle of the lines is offering some hope of, at the very least, a diversion to keep Mark occupied while I prepare the flanking maneuver to the west. Ideally, this new offensive will launch by Turn 45.

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