Saturday, February 16, 2013

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T054

T054. 05.14.43

The mud has finally dried up, so I'm expecting a storm of action over the next few turns.

I need to open up another front somewhere. Since the Murmansk garrison held strong early in the game, I have the chance here to pump reinforcements into the port and launch an offensive southward. It seems far-fetched, but if I can knock Finland out of the game, it will really change the dynamic in northern Russia. The first wave consisted of the 4th Guards Army. Waiting back at Onega and Archangelsk are the 6th Guards Army and a bunch of artillery divisions.

North Caucasus
After sitting around for a few turns not doing much, it took a few good pushes to get things rolling again here. Three attacks broke through front line German divisions, but I'm afraid Mark has "double-fronted" his position here, forcing me to fight through lines twice as deep as elsewhere. My reserves are nearby, in case of a counter attack. Mark has had some time to rest, which was much more beneficial to him than to me.

Once the Mareth Line was broken, things started moving much more quickly in North Africa. The British X Corps has moved west to assist the clean-up efforts at Kessarine Pass, relieving the US I Armored Corps to advance east to link up with the lead elements of the British XXX Corps. I've initiated the very first paratrooper drop of the scenario, as the US 82nd Airborne was flown over the top of Tunis, cutting off the eastern approach to the city. It wasn't a very dangerous or critical operation, but necessary to get this division some experience in advance of the invasion of southern Europe. Meanwhile, the Canadian I Corps and Polish II Corps moved in tandem to contact the defenses outside the western limits of Tunis. I expect the city to fall within a few turns. The Royal Navy has cut off all evacuation routes.

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