Friday, February 15, 2013

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T048

T048. 04.02.43

Surprisingly, not much has changed since the last update three turns ago. The battle lines in Russia have been tough sledding, particularly in the tempest around Yelets. I'm shifting fresh formations up there from the south, which has not seen nearly as much fighting as earlier in the scenario. The Caucasus lines are moving steadily northwestward, as Mark is executing a managed withdrawal with great skill. I've not been able to take advantage of his mobile formations that are now out of strong fortifications. Supply has become a significant issue in that area.

North Africa

The British have now done their main job of breaking through the Mareth Line. The secondary line south of Sfax was broken with one try, though I didn't have enough in the tanks to advance into the gap. I'll need to call up the III Corps from Egypt--waiting in reserve for months--to take up the offensive northward, hopefully linking up with the Americans in central Tunisia. Capturing the port at Sfax is my main goal at this point. I'm not sure if I'll need the III Corps to make a landing directly into the city, or approach it from the land. Either way, the Americans to the north are moving at a snail's pace, so help from them might not be readily available for some time. The Canadians in Algeria are an option, but I don't want to waste them here. They will likely take the lead in the north from the Americans, once the rail line from Algiers is repaired.

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