Thursday, February 7, 2013

TR 42-45 1.8 ALLIED T045

T045. 03.12.43

Svir River

I'm cancelling this offensive due to lack of supply to the bridgehead force, and lack of reinforcements. The net gain wouldn't be enough to warrant the loss of so many men and machines. I'll keep the pressure on here, but can't commit to another river crossing until I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Fighting has been heating up for a few turns here, but now it's really starting to flare up, as Mark is committing several Panzer divisions to push back the main point of the spear. Fortunately, I've brought in reinforcements from the south, so I'll have enough manpower to keep the fight going. This could end up being costly for both sides, but I have a distinct advantage: replacements. The Russians can afford the losses, while the Germans cannot, especially if it's over a long period. One of my main goals is to sever the rail line directly behind the German main line. This would reduce supply to a several-hex-wide swath of their line and allow me the opportunity to widen this offensive to the south.

Central Caucasus
The western German flank is beginning to bend, but I'm concerned it won't break quickly enough for me to sweep around into the interior. The biggest problem here is supply, as I don't have a direct rail line to the front. Once I can get the Axis forces moving back, it will push them out of their prepared positions, giving me a chance to fight them on open ground. There are now two more armies waiting at the supply hub just south of my lines, but they won't be ready for another turn or two.

North Africa

The Americans are pushing eastward toward Tunis, while the British are on the verge of breaking through the Mareth Lines. I'm expecting a more detailed update next turn.

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