Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TR 42-45 1.5.2 - ALLIED vs Mark - T066: 8.6.43

T066: 8.6.43

The 2nd Guards Army is now split between both pincers, but the 5th Guards Army and 5th Guards Tank are supporting the western attack. The Germans successfully breached through the pocket wall with 2. Panzer Division, but the 2nd Guards Tank and supporting Op Group closed the window for now. The 8th Guards Army is holding the southeastern wall of the outside line, with the 4th Guards Tank helping out. But I’ll need the 4th to displace and support the middle where the Germans are looking to free the two full corps trapped in the Rzhev pocket. The main attack force is now getting very tired with all the counterattacks being lobbed its way. But I’ll pull out another army or two to support. Plus, I’m also beginning to close the pocket from the north, which hopefully reduces the amount of time the Germans have before I march off 100,000 prisoners from the VI., XX., and XXVII. Korps. Time is running short on both sides to either save or destroy the pocket. If I can’t crush the Rzhev pocket, this offensive will be a failure.

Sector: Sicily - OPERATION: HUSKY
I’m extremely confident in the ability to control all of the island by Sept. 1. That’s still a month away (4 turns), but it’s possible now that the 2nd Armored managed to capture Catania and the 5th Division surprisingly punctured a hole in the Italian line south of Mt. Etna. I now have at least four full artillery brigades (not including HQ units) at my disposal, along with a refreshed set of US Navy Squadrons. The Italian navy made a dangerous sortie near Brolo, but I smacked them around a bit. The key here is to connect the rail lines to get that 100-pt supply base at Palermo pumping throughout the entire island. I have two engineer battalions working on it, but progress is a bit slow. The quicker I get supply flowing, the quicker I can take the rest of Sicily.

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